La publicación electrónica editó el pasado 23 de Diciembre un análisis de Mathematica 4.2 bajo el título "Software Worth Paying For". Moshe Bar, autor del artículo, destaca:

"This year, once more, I fished out my credit-card to pay for my upgrade of Mathematica to version 4.2. The new version brings new, thrilling features. Next to new and enhanced connectivity to Java, XML, and the Web, it also offers new features for linear programming, statistics, optimization, combinatorics (a favorite subject of mine), and graph theory. Wolfram, the makers of Mathematica, also announced a grid version of Mathematica that allows you to scale out your calculation on a farm of computer nodes. I rather prefer to scale out my Mathematica computation jobs with Qlusters' OS, of which I am one of the developers. Mathematica is to serious mathematicians what olive oil is to chefs. If you do serious math, you can't go wrong with it."