Nos complace anunciar la disponibilidad de la nueva revisión de COMSOL, versión 4.4 Update 1, que corrige ciertos errores y proplemas de estabilidad incluyendo varios modulos.

A continuación puede consultar una lista detallada de las mejoras incluidas en la revisión

COMSOL Multiphysics

  • COMSOL now supports Simplified Chinese as one of the languages that you can choose to localize the COMSOL Desktop environment.
  • A Deselect Box button is now available to deselect (clear) all selections inside a rubberband box.
  • Improved stability and GUI performance.
  • Support for system fonts now works correctly.
  • Improved support for running COMSOL on computers with non-Latin usernames.
  • The convergence plot is now correct when using the double dogleg solver in a continuation sweep.
  • Plot while solving now updates only on the innermost study level.
  • The unit for Planck's constant (a predefined physical constant) now displays correctly.
  • New strings are available to distinguish "second" meanings in local languages: order (second is between first and third) versus time unit (a second is one 60th of a minute).
  • Corrected unit of measurement of inward flow condition in non-3D models using Transport of Diluted Species.
  • Keyboard accelerators now work correctly when running COMSOL on Ubuntu 12.04.
  • The eigenvalue solver now gives a warning if not all eigenvalues are found.
  • Reuse solution for previous step now works correctly for auxiliary sweeps of linear iterative solvers.
  • Disabled study steps are now shown with the correct indentation in the model tree.
  • The Time-explicit solver now correctly stores the solution at converged time steps if there is an error.
  • Plot while solving now works correctly when running from the API with a graphics server.
  • Settings window sections can now be expanded and collapsed using arrow keys in the Windows version of the COMSOL Desktop.
  • It is now possible to update model libraries also after choosing not to install models during the initial software installation.
  • Changing the order of table entries now works correctly when defining polygons using tables.

AC/DC Module

  • External Current Density will no longer be applicable together with E-J characteristic.
  • Several GUI stability improvements.
  • The Thin low permittivity gap condition now works together with a moving mesh.

Acoustics Module

  • Several GUI stability improvements.

CFD Module

  • The unit of the drag coefficient in the Euler-Euler Model interface is now correct.
  • Performance improvements for Reacting Flow, low-Re k-epsilon.
  • Stability improvements for some analyses in Spallart-Allmaras turbulence model.
  • Stability improvements for Wire gauze.
  • Stability impovement for Laminar outflow conditions for some solver selections.

Chemical Reaction Engineering Module

  • Corrected unit of measurement of the Equilibrium Constant in the Reaction Engineering interface.
  • CHEMKIN kinetic data import corrected for third-body reactions.
  • Several GUI stability improvements.

Electrochemistry Module

  • Stability improvements to moving boundary problems in 2D axisymmetric models.

Fatigue Module

  • The elastic solution with notch assumption in the strain-based fatigue has been corrected. A distinction between tensile and compressive stresses is now made.

Heat Transfer Module

  • Discontinuous (default) and continuous Lagrange elements are now available for damage integral dependent variables discretization.
  • Variable definition for boundary heat source variable is now synchronized with the user input.
  • Use of prefix in variables names now prevents duplicate variable names when multiple pair temperature continuity conditions are active on the same boundary.
  • Duplicate plot groups in postprocessing menus have been removed.
  • Saturation pressure computation is more accurate, especially for temperatures far from 100 °C.
  • Corrected revolution angles in the default plot of the 2D axisymmetric version of Heat Transfer in Thin Shells.

MEMS Module

  • Modified the material properties of Quartz to include both right- and left-handed properties defined according to the two commonly used standards.
  • Corrected a problem which caused pressure follower loads to be applied in the wrong direction in some circumstances within the Electromechanics interface.
  • Fixed an issue with the expression for the time averaged heat source variable created by the Thermoelasticity interface.

Molecular Flow Module

  • It is now possible to apply the Number Density Reconstruction feature to Axial Symmetry boundaries.

Optimization Module

  • The BOBYQA optimization solver now correctly disregards unsupported constraints.
  • The BOBYQA optimization solver now respects the setting for maximum number of simultaneous function evaluations also for the initial evaluation.
  • The handling of axisymmetric or renamed coordinates with the Least-squares optimization objective has been corrected.

Particle Tracing Module

  • The Coulomb and Lennard-Jones Particle-particle interaction forces now take into account the out-of-plane position when the Include out-of-plane degrees of freedom property is active.
  • The equation display for the Monte Carlo collision model option in the Elastic Collision Force has been corrected.
  • The out-of-plane velocity now correctly takes into account changes in the particle mass when the Include out-of-plane degrees of freedom property is active.
  • The out-of-plane particle velocity is now updated correctly when the Include out-of-plane degrees of freedom property is active and the Bounce option is used in the Wall boundary condition.
  • Field-dependent forces can now be assigned to a subset of domains.
  • Equation display for normal Inlet velocity is now correct.

Pipe Flow Module

  • Pumps, bends, and valves in the Pipe Flow Module now work with moving meshes.
  • Corrected problem with when adding wall layers to rectangular pipe shapes.

Plasma Module

  • Importing a Chemkin thermo or transport file now works correctly in the Plasma Module physics interfaces.
  • Units for the forward rate constant in the Electron impact reaction and Reaction features are now correct.

RF Module

  • Second-order scattering boundary condition can now be used in 2D axisymmetry.
  • Stability and accuracy improvements.

Semiconductor Module

  • Fixed an issue with certain options for the initial conditions when the Semiconductor interface is coupled to the Heat Transfer in Solids interface.
  • Corrected the variable displayed next to the user input for the Relative Acceptor Energy for the Incomplete Ionization settings in the Semiconductor Material Model node.
  • Improved the smoothing settings for 1D default plots.
  • Nonfunctional user inputs in the User Defined Recombination feature no longer appear in the user interface.

Structural Mechanics Module

  • It is now possible to model friction together with rigid domains.
  • Using rigid connectors in a Shell interface now works as expected also if the model contains a Solid Mechanics interface.
  • When using a Rigid Connector with a Mass and Moment of Inertia subnode in the Shell interface, generation of the solver sequence could fail for a Transient solver.
  • Coriolis forces in frequency domain analysis have been corrected.

ECAD Import Module

  • Fixes issue with parsing of certain ODB++ archives.
  • Fixes issue with decompression of certain ODB++ archives.

LiveLink™ for Excel®

  • The LiveLink add-in is now correctly installed for 64-bit version of Excel.
  • The LiveLink add-in can now be loaded by 64-bit Click-to-Run version of Excel 2013.
  • Materials with uppercase letters now appear correctly in the Material Browser after export from an Excel spreadsheet.
  • The correct unit is now displayed for stress tensor in the settings for material export.
  • Material property names are now used to generate the function names for field-dependent material properties.
  • Several stability improvements.

LiveLink™ for SolidWorks®

  • Fixes problem with disappearing COMSOL Multiphysics tab in SolidWorks after de-activating and re-activating the LiveLink add-in.
  • Several stability improvements and corrections for the bidirectional and the One Window interfaces.

LiveLink™ for Inventor®

  • Selections for materials are now synchronized for surface bodies in assembly components.
  • Assemblies with surface bodies in components are now synchronized.
  • Selections for materials are now synchronized for surface bodies in part files.
  • Fixes problem with unloading of certain add-ins when loaded in Inventor at the same time as the LiveLink add-in.
  • Several stability improvements and corrections for the bidirectional and the One Window interfaces.