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Ponemos a su disposición la edición correspondiente a Diciembre de 2004 del boletín electrónico para usuarios de Mathcad. Los contenidos son:

  • News: Mathcad 12.0a Update Now Available.
  • Tips and Techniques: Using Tab Stops.
  • Tips and Techniques: The SIUnitsOf Function.
  • Tips and Techniques: The until Function.
  • In Depth: XML Transforms.
  • Featured User: Michael Earle is a 40-year retired veteran of the microwave communications industry in which he has held engineering and executive positions. Michael recently became a member of the Royal Institute of Navigation for whose Journal he is currently preparing his second paper, which concerns the application of vector methods to navigation. In his navigation work, Michael leans heavily towards applying Mathcad to vector based solutions rather than the traditional and more cumbersome methods. In his view, the power of Mathcad brings simple elegance to solving these and other kinds of problems. This month, we will look at plots of the loxodrome and great circle. The loxodrome crosses all meridians at a constant angle and appears as a logarithmic spiral on the sphere converging at a pole. The great circle is the curve formed at the intersection of the surface of a sphere and a plane that passes through its center.

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