Ponemos a su disposición la edición correspondiente a Noviembre de 2004 del boletín electrónico para usuarios de Mathcad. Los contenidos son:

  • Tips and Techniques: Updated Help.
  • Tips and Techniques: Annotating Math Regions.
  • Tips and Techniques: Local Function Definitions in Programs.
  • In Depth: Using regress for a Multivariate Function.
  • Enterprise Solutions: Mathcad has a fully supported Automation API that lends itself to integration with other desktop or server applications. This example demonstrates how to build an integration between Mathcad and Bentley System's Microstation. From Mathcad, we will demonstrate through VB script how to launch Microstation, load a template DGN file and then create geometry within this DGN file. This is a simple example of what can be achieved with the API. Mathsoft also provides consulting services to do this type of development for our customers.