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Ponemos a su disposición la edición correspondiente a septiembre de 2004 del boletín electrónico para usuarios de Mathcad. Los contenidos son:
  • News: Upcoming Mathcad Training Classes.
  • Enterprise Solutions: This month, we look at how a listbox control can be populated with the names of all files located in a user-specified directory. In this example, a particular file can be selected from the list an imported using Mathcad's READPRN function. This construct allows you to easily apply a set of calculations to several data sets while only storing one master file.
  • Tips and Techniques: The Operator Placeholder.
  • Tips and Techniques: Sorting Functions.
  • Tips and Techniques: Using WRITEPRN in a Program.
  • In Depth: The Standard Form of a Differential Equation.
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