Ponemos a su disposición la edición correspondiente a Mayo de 2004 del boletín electrónico para usuarios de Mathcad. Los contenidos son:

  • News: Upcoming Training Classes.
  • News: Upcoming Web Events.
  • Tips and Techniques: Subscripts.
  • Tips and Techniques: Interrupting Calculations.
  • Tips and Techniques: Retrieving Subscripted and Greek Variables.
  • In Depth: The Boolean Operators.
  • Featured User: Professor Bryan Harris from the University of Bath has created a Mathcad implementation of the AEOLIUSQ atmospheric dispersion model. AEOLIUSQ is a compiled Fortran program originally created by the Meteorological Office. By taking the original Fortran code, Professor Harris has created a user-friendly Mathcad version of AEOLIUSQ which offers extra flexibility and is also much easier to use than a Fortran program.