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Ponemos a su disposición la edición correspondiente a Mayo de 2004 del boletín electrónico para usuarios de Mathcad. Los contenidos son:

  • News: Open Seating Training in Los Angeles and Boston!.
  • News: Complimentary Application Workshop!
  • Tips and Techniques: Adding Markers to 2D Plots.
  • Tips and Techniques: Solving a Linear System with the lsolve Function.
  • Tips and Techniques: Passing a Parameter to odesolve.
  • In Depth: Converting a FORTRAN Program to a Mathcad Program.
  • Featured User: Dr. James K. Cavers of Simon Fraser University has recently published a Mathcad Ebook entitled Mobile Channel Characteristics, 2nd Ed. This interactive text introduces the propagation characteristics of mobile and personal communication devices - modems, smart antennas and cell systems. This month, we look at a sample section of Mobile Channel Characteristics on the consequences for Bit Error Rate (BER). This section explains why the fading properties of wireless channels have a dramatic effect on how frequently errors occur and how they are distributed.

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